Third Line
Operational information for the Third Line
The third line is the most modern line in Cairo metro network along 47 km and includes 39 stations. It connects the areas of east Cairo starting from the ring road El-asher area and El-salam city through the station of Adly Mansour and ends in Imbaba and Rod al-Farag road on the ring road west of Cairo, through the areas of Heliopolis, Gesr El Suez, Nasr City, Abbasia, downtown, Zamalek, Agouza and Imbaba with high population and never had subway services before.
• Line operation started in 2012 along 23 km from Attaba station to Adly Mansour station ( the rest of the line is currently under construction)
• There are 19 tunnel-stations which inaugurated on 4 phases:
- Phase 1: 5 stations in 2012 (Ataba , Bab El Shaaria, El Geish , Abdou Pasha , Abbassia)
- Phase 2: 4 stations in 2014 (Cairo fair , stadium , kollyet El-banat , Al-Ahram)
- Phase 3: 4 stations in 2019 (Haroun , Heliopolis , Alf- maskan , El-shams club )
- Phase 4: 6 stations in 2020 (El-Nozha, Hesham Barakat , Qubaa , Omar Ebn Elkhatab, El-Haykestep, Adly Masour )
• It covers the most high crowded stations and important squares such as Attaba , Bab Elsha’rya , Cairo fair, Alf- maskan
• It connects with line 1 in Gamal Abd Elnasser station ( under construction)
• It connects with line2 in Attaba station
• There are 2 cars in middle of the train for women only, the second car men can use only after 9 pm. Women can use all cars.
• The number of trains will be 80 after finishing all the line. all trains are air-conditioned
• All stations are air-conditioned and provided with lifts and escalators

• Daily operation of trains starts from 5.00 am to12:00 midnight
• Last train time in line 3:
from Adly Mansour station at 11:15 pm
from Attaba station at 11:55 pm
Last train from line 3 meets last train from line 2 at 11:55 pm in Attba station.
• Trip duration from Attaba to El-shames club is 37 minutes and vice versa with headway 6.30 minutes all the day
• Trains operation is worked according to operating schedules and intensifies of transportation in regular days, weekends and fests and occasions with average 331trip/ day
• Fleet of trains consists of 15 trains with speed 80km/h. the train itself consists of 2 units with a design capacity not less than 2200 passenger / Train

• Abbassia workshop was inaugurated to do various works of maintenance for trains in line 3. It includes light repairing in order to do periodic maintenance for trains every 3 days and every 3 months according to maintenance timetable
• There is a washing machine for trains to keep the trains clean
• Overhaul repairing for line 3 trains is worked in Shubra El-kheima workshop
• In the line 3 will be the biggest workshop in the middle east for overhaul repairing ( under construction)

Besides rapid intervention team in the line distributed along the line to solve any faults or malfunctions in order to provide safety operation of trains