Passenger Services

Kinds of Violations and Fines in Metro Lines
Fine class 30 pounds:
A police fine issued by metro police
1- Smoking into stations and trains
2-Existence men into women’ cars
3- Throwing wastes inside stations and trains

Fine class 50 pounds:
Passenger fine which issued by members of metro company: supervisors & inspectors
1- Riding without ticket
2- Not using the ticket during passing the gates
3- Using a secondhand ticket
4- Using undeserved discount ticket
5- Passing the subscription zone

Fine class 100 pounds
A police fine issued by metro police
1- Selling at stations and trains without a permission
2- Begging at stations and trains.
3- Posting advertisements or posters in stations and trains without permission.
4- Crossing metro tracks
5- Abusing and tampering with tools, equipment and devices of stations and trains.
6- misusing any tools or equipment
7- Do not obstruct the train doors during closing

Fine of delaying trains
1- A fine of delaying train because of violating a passenger is estimated by LE 300 per minute. This fine is considered as a means of deterring the offending passenger and not to repeat the violation that leads to delay of trains.
2- A fine for delaying train because of violating a company is estimated by LE 400 per minute. In addition to the damages caused by the delay of trains.

That’s all in order to not be subjected to the prescribed fine for each item
The metro is a civilized project which is yours. Preserve it.
With greetings of the Egyptian company for metro management & operation