Passenger Services

Operation time
- Metro operation schedule in regular days: from 5.00 AM to 12:00 midnight
- Metro operation schedule in Ramadan : from 5.00 AM to 2.00 AM
Lines length
Time between trains
Trip Duration
Number trains in each line
The average of passengers per day
Insurance policy
Dear passenger when you ride the metro, don’t be afraid as by the ticket you will be a member of our family, and covered by insurance from Cairo Metro in cooperation with the insurance group with amount up to 30,000 L.E against all body injuries that may affect you inside the metro.

Overcoming on these risks is a collective and common responsibility. So in order to not lose your right to receive the compensation, please do not commit the following violations:

1. Passing from not allowed places
2. Drinking cases - alcohol or substance abuse
3. Suicide or insured who deliberately injuries himself
Cultural Behaviors
We hope that the citizens who use our services follow these instructions which basically aim to achieve their comfort and safety and also speedy, comfortable and safe trip:

- Paying the ticket price
- Respecting the privacy of other passengers
- passengers “ men “ shouldn’t use the women’ cars
- Doing any acts may affect the safety of the place
- Using headphones when listening to any personal audio material
- Do not throw food or drinks inside the train’ cars or stations to keep them clean
- No smoking inside train’ cars or stations
- Avoiding bothering the driver or any of the passengers
- Do not lying down on the chairs
- Respecting and preserving the company's property
- Using train cars only for transportation

"Breaching the user to any of these rules, which would threaten the security and safety of others or prevent them from receiving our services to the fullest, will expose himself to the legal issue according to the laws and regulations of the company."