El Matareyya

El Matareyya
ٍSt Mary 's Tree
The Tree of Mary is an ancient archaeological tree that is about 3,000 years old. It is adjacent to a water well from which Mary drank and washed the clothes of the prophet Essa. It is surrounded by many drawings that explain the path of the Holy Family’s journey in Egypt.

Mataria Obelisk
Mataria Obelisk The obelisk is a tower and a slender, vertical stone column with four sides, it ends with a small pyramid on the top. It was famous for the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic civilization. Hieroglyphic writings and royal and religious drawings were carved on its sides, but they were also found in other civilizations such as Ethiopian, Assyrian, Roman, and Byzantine.

Matareya Museum
Matareya Museum It is an important tourist attraction befitting its historical and cultural value and an open museum that tells the history of the oldest Egyptian city, which is the city of On. He pointed out that the museum includes 135 artifacts from the era of the Old Kingdom until the Middle Kingdom.