Kobri El Qobba

Kobri El Qobba
El Qobba Palace
Al-Qubba Palace is one of the largest palaces in Egypt, and it is now used as a residence for foreign guests, including presidents and others. It was built by Khedive Ismail, kilometers north of central Cairo, and was surrounded by agricultural fields and rural villages. It extends from Saray El Kobba Metro Station to El Kobba Bridge Metro Station. Al-Qubba Palace was transformed into one of the presidential palaces after the July 23 Revolution

Dome Mosque of Yashbak bin Mahd
Dome Mosque of Yashbak bin Mahdi A mosque and the dome of Yashbak from Mahdi. This dome was built by Yashbak from Mahdi, one of the Mamluks who was brought by Sultan al-Zahir Jaqmaq to form from them, after their education and training, his military garrison. This was in the year 842 AH, 1438 AD, and Yashbak’s age at the time of his bringing was no more than thirteen years, and therefore he was nicknamed “The Little One.” In comparison to the Mamluks who at that time from the era of the Circassian Mamluks were buying elderly people and were called the Mamluks, jalab or jalban.

Al-Rihani Culture Palace
The Al-Rihani Culture Palace in Hadayek Al-Qubba is witnessing a cultural movement and various activities that reflect the spirit of its owner and work to enrich the aesthetic and historical value of it. Those who created it were creative in organizing seminars, artistic workshops, and theatrical performances, so that it became an extension of the name of its owner, who founded it to be a home for artists and died before he could live there