League of Arab States
The League of Arab States is a regional organization that includes Arab countries in Asia and Africa. Its charter encourages for economic coordination among member states including trade relations, communications, cultural relations, nationalities, travel permits and documents and social relations, and health. The permanent headquarters of the League of Arab States is located in Cairo, the capital of Egypt

Embassy of the United States of America
The American Embassy in Cairo is the diplomatic representative of the United States of America in Egypt to ensure the consolidation of American and Egyptian relations, in particular, and it is authorized to issue an American tourist visa in Egypt, a study visa in America, and all other types of visas.

El Tahrir Complex
The Governmental Services Complex, known as the Tahrir Complex, was designed by Dr. Muhammad Kamal Ismail in 1951 by King Farouk. The Tahrir Complex is considered an administrative building for various departments. It contains nine thousand government employees. It consists of 14 floors. Its construction cost approximately two million pounds at the time. It was built on an area of 28 thousand square meters and a height of 55 meters. It contains 1,356 rooms for employees. It is characterized by wide halls, skylights, many windows, and many corridors. In each role, it is considered a historical monument from the history of Egypt, and it is located in Tahrir Square

Tahrir Garage
Tahrir garage The garage consists of four underground floors, and the garage capacity is about 1,800 cars