Tahrir Square
Tahrir Square is the largest square in the city of Cairo in Egypt. At the beginning of its construction, it was named Ismailia Square, after the Khedive Ismail, then the name was changed to “Tahrir Square.”

Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum is considered one of the first museums in the world that was established as a public museum, unlike the museums that preceded it. The museum includes more than 180,000 artifacts, the most important of which are the archaeological collections that were found in the tombs of the kings and the royal entourage of the Middle Dynasty in Dahshur in 1894.

Semiramis Hotel
The InterContinental Semiramis Hotel is a hotel affiliated with the InterContinental Hotels Group, located on the eastern bank of the Nile in the Garden City area in Cairo. The hotel is located near Tahrir Square. Construction of the hotel was completed in 1988

Omar Makram Mosque
Omar Makram Mosque was built on the site of an old mosque built by Prince Karim al-Din al-Kabir, the private principal, in the year 720 AH. He was one of the senior princes in the time of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun. Sheikh Muhammad al-Ubait was buried in this mosque and he was one of the most prominent religious scholars in the twelfth century.

The Evangelical Church in Doubara Palace
Evangelical Church in Doubara Palace In January 1940, the Delta Evangelical Synod established a new church in Cairo. This church would meet in the hall owned by the Tahrir House of the Nile Mission in central Cairo. Attendance in this nascent church increased to the point that they needed a large building as an urgent, and in December 1941 a palace was purchased in Tahrir Square with the aim of demolishing it and building a new church in its place.