Farouk Corner Museum
Farouk Corner Museum, or Farouk Royal Rest House, is located 30 km from Cairo. The total area of ​​the building and garden is about 11,600 square meters. The museum was built between the years (1941 AD - 1942 AD), and was opened by King Farouk on September 5, 1942 AD."

The Japanese Garden
The Japanese Garden in Helwan is a public garden created by the architect Zulfiqar Pasha in 1919 in the Asian style to symbolize the civilizations of the East in Helwan neighborhood in Cairo. It was called the “Asian Life Kiosk” and was later called the “Japanese Garden.” Its area is 40,468 square meters (about 10 acres), and its design was completed in 1922."

Cabritage Helwan
Cabritage Helwan is one of the oldest tourist places that was famous in the Helwan suburb, especially in the sixties. It was characterized by its cleanliness, quiet, and dust-free faces."