ُEl Zahraa

ُEl Zahraa
Pope Kirlos's mill
Pope Cyril's mill The name and memory of Pope Cyril VI, the 116th pope of the Egyptian Orthodox Church, is linked to a place known to the Copts of Egypt and the world, which is “The Mill” located in Ezbet Khairallah in ancient Egypt.

Saint Mina Coptic Orthodox Church
Marmina Church The Church of Marmina is the oldest church named after the martyr, after the Church of Mariout. the departed Saint Pope Cyril VI transferred part of the remains of the martyr to the Church of Marmina Al-Zahra in 1959, and then on February 15, 1962, another part was transferred to the Monastery of Marmina in Mariout.

Egyptian Geology Museum
The Egyptian Geological Museum is a museum located in Zahraa El Maadi. it was established in 1901 following the establishment of the General Authority for the Egyptian Geological Survey in 1896, which was ordered by Khedive Ismail. The Egyptian Geological Museum is the first of its kind in the Middle East, the Arab world and Africa.