Second Line
Operational information for the Second Line
• This line opened in 1996 with length 21.5 km from Shubra El-Kheima station to El-Mounib station and inaugurated on 3 phases:
- The first phase: Shubra ElKhims /Ramses, inaugurated in 1996 with 8 stations.
- The second phase: Ramses/ Tahrir square, inaugurated in 1997 with with 3 sations.
- The third phase: Tahrir square / Cairo University , inaugurated in 1999 with 3 stations.
- The fourth phase: Cairo University / Om Elmasryeen , inaugurated in 2000 with 3 stations.
- The fifth phase: Om Elmasryeen / Elmounib , inaugurated in 2005 with 2 stations.
• There are 20 stations in line 2 ( 6 superficial stations -12 tunneled stations - 2 upper stations)
• It covers the most high crowded stations and important squares such as Kolleyyet El-Zeraa , Al-shuhdaa station (Ramses squ.) , Attaba , Anwar El sadat ( tahrir squ. ), Abdeen squ., dokkey , cairo university ,giza
• It connects with line 1 in Al-shuhdaa station and Anwar El Sadat stations
• It connects with line 3 in Attaba station .
• There are 2 cars in middle of the train for women only the second car men can use only after 9 pm. Women can use all cars.
• The number of trains was raised with 10 air-conditioned trains to cope with increasing of the passengers

• Daily operation of trains starts from 5.15 am to 12:00 midnight
• Last train time in line 2:
from Shubra El-Kheima station at 11:35 pm
from El-Mounib station 11:35 pm
Last train from line 2 meets last train from line 1 at 12:00 midnight in Anwar El Sadat station.
• Trip from Shubra El-Kheima to El-Mounib is 38 minutes and vice versa with headway 2.45 to 3 minutes all the day
• Trains operation is worked according to operating schedules and intensify of transportation in regular days ,weekends and fests and occasions with average 664 trip/ daily
• Fleet of trains consists of 45 trains with speed 80km/h. the train itself consists of 2 units with a design capacity not less than 2583 passenger / train

Shubra El-Kheima workshop was inaugurated to do maintenance works for the fleet of trains in line 2 (all kinds of periodic maintenance and repairing) with total area about 37 acres
• Light repairing for trains maintenance in line 2 in every 3 days ( 256 trains per month) and every 3 months (13 train per month)
• There are a washing machine for trains in Shubra El-Kheima to wash the train periodically
• Overhaul repairing for train maintenance by one train per month
Besides rapid intervention team in the line distributed along the line to solve any faults or malfunctions in order to provide safety operation of trains.