First Line
Operational information for the first Line
- It started working in 1987 with length 44 km from Helwan station to New Elmarg station by 3 phases:
• 1st phase: Helwan / Ramsis opened in 1987 with length 29 km.
• 2nd phase: Ramsis/ Elmarg opened in 1989 with length 14 km.
• 3rd phase: Elmarg / New Elmarg opened in 1999 with length 1.3 km. in 2019 the operation became between New Elmarg to Hewlan after making the second track between Elmarg & New Elmarg.
- Helwan university station opened in 2002.
- It has 35 stations ( 30 aboveground stations and 5 in tunnel)
- It passes by important places and squares ( Ramsis- Ahmed Orabi- Nasser( Elasaaf station)-Sadat ( Eltahrir square)- Saad Zaghlol ( Lazoghly square)- Helwan Uni.- Dar Elsalam- Elsayda Zenab- Ezbet Elnakhl- Elmarg- New ELmarg)
- Alshohada and sadat stations are a transmission stations between 1st and 2nd lines
- Nasser station is a transmission station between 1st and 3rd lines.
- 2 cars in middle of trains are allocated for women but at 9:00 pm one car is allocated for women. It is allowed for women to use all cars

- The operation begins at 5:15 am and finishes at 1:00 am
- The last train at the 1st line as follow:
• From Helwan at 11:40 pm and from New Elmarg at 11:45 pm.
• The last train from 1st line meets the last train from 2nd line at 12:15 am in Sadat station and the last one from 3rd line at 12:10 am in Nasser station
- The trip duration from Helwan to New Elmarg is 79 minutes and vice versa
- The headway is 4 minutes
- The operation of trains depends on timetables and the crowds of passengers in normal days , days off and festivals.. with average 500 trips per day
- The fleet of trains is 62 trains with max speed 80km/h. each train is composed of 3 units which contain 2583 passengers

Tor Elbalad workshop:
- All maintenance works of trains ( periodical and light repair ) are implemented at Tor Elbalad workshop with area of 15 acres:.
• Overhaul workshop for trains through 2.5 years and 4.5 years
• Light repair workshop for trains through 2 weeks / 6 months/ year
• 4 tracks for periodical maintenance
• 1 track for overhaul workshop for air conditioned trains (Korean trains) 20 trains
• 1 track for internal washing and cleaning trains
• 1 track for lathe on pit
• 2 administrative buildings

Kotsika workshop:
- In 2021 the Kotsika workshop was opened to apply all maintenance works for train at 1st line with area of 17 acres:
- 20 tracks: 7 tracks for maintenance works for Korean trains
- Stabling From 8 track to 17 track
- Tracks 18 and 19 gor internal washing and cleaning
- Track 20 for diesel loco
- It has the latest version of tools and devices for maintenance works
- 2 administrative buildings

Exterior washing machine:
- It’s for washing trains at 1st line. There are in Elmarg, Helwan and Kotsika workshop

Maintenance team:
There are many maintenance teams through the line to solve any faults to provide a safe operation of trains.