Completing all final preparations and lifting the state of emergency in lines one and two in preparation for the start of the high school exams for the academic year 2021-2022

Based on the directives of the lieutenant general, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, to provide the best services to metro line passengers, and the instructions of Engineer Ali Al-Fadali, Chairman and Managing Director, to overcome all obstacles that may face high school students while they are going to take exams tomorrow, Monday, June 20, 2022 and while they are on metro lines. Emphasizing the commitment to take all precautionary measures through sterilization and disinfection operations inside stations and trains Where the Egyptian Company for metro Management and Operation announced that the state of emergency has been lifted and all preparations for receiving metro stations on the first and second lines have been completed for our male and female high school students. For the start of operation from 5:15 am, passing through the peak hours until the end of the operation at exactly 1:00 o’clock in the morning, which is estimated at 1090 trips divided by 488 trips for the first line from Helwan station to the new Marg station, and 602 trips for the second line from Shubra Al-Khaimah station to Al-Moneeb station and also operate all the air-conditioned trains to cope with the hot weather and pushing a number of additional empty trains of passengers to absorb any congestion that may occur during the morning and evening peak hours to facilitate all the visitors of the cairo metro. Increasing the presence of ambulance men inside the stations and on the sidewalks in anticipation of any cases of fainting or any sudden illness. All emergency teams deployed in the stations were also pushed to face any sudden malfunctions that might occur and remove them immediately, with an emphasis on the presence and spread of the metro police of the Transport and Communications Police in all stations with work Fixed ambushes in stations and on the sidewalks and mobile ones inside the trains during the operating hours with continuous follow-up through the network of surveillance cameras that cover all subway stations in order to control all forms of negative phenomena and deal with them immediately. For his part, Ahmed Abdel Hadi Bakir, the company’s official spokesman and director general of media and public relations, confirmed that there is a boom in the service provided to citizens and that work inside the facility is going in full swing to provide the best possible service to the public of passengers, stressing that the company has more than one means of communicating with users of the metro facility. To receive complaints, suggestions and inquiries during the operating hours and immediately through the hotline 16048 and through the number designated for the WhatsApp service (0122116048) or on the official website of the company or through the mobile application of the Cairo Metro in both Arabic and English and via the official page of the Cairo Metro at The social networking site Facebook . Bakir added that there are also offices of the unified government complaints system affiliated to the Council of Ministers, which receive all complaints related to all government agencies, not just complaints about the metro, stressing the respect of citizens and striving to provide them with the best service is what aims. To him the subway management. The metro spokesman stressed that all the company’s leaders and employees wish success for all our high school students and that the school year ends with success and the highest grades.