How to subscribe?
1. Go to the nearest office which you can find in all 3 lines.
2. Buy the appropriate form according to your job, Fill the form: name/job/select destination from station… to station…..) add 2 personal photos 4 × 6
3. get a stamp from your work place (army- police-people with a special needs)
4. Deliver the form to the subscription office plus a copy of your national ID or a copy of birth certificate under 16 years old and a copy of identity for the special needs, the police…etc.
5. No stamp for regular passengers
6. For students:
- Buy a student form and add 2 personal photos 4×6
- The stamp pattern must include the first photo and the form. The second photo will be stamped from behind and the form will be approved and stamped with the logo of the republic from student affairs.
- A copy of ID or the student's birth certificate should be delivered with the form.
- A copy of the expenses receipt or a copy of current or previous school identity card should be delivered with the form.
- Writing mobile number for the student or his guardians is necessary
- Subscription is worked from the student's residence to the place of study only.
7. The subscription is used only for a carrier to not expose yourself to a fine