Marketing for shops and commercial spaces

Marketing for shops and commercial spaces
Commercial activities and companies located in the stations
Commercial activities in stations
Based on financial self-sufficiency principle, the Egyptian Company for Metro Management &Operation started searching and working to provide income resources for the company beside the ticket. The company exploited the empty spaces in the metro stations in the three lines to convert them into commercial and advertising spaces, where provide various commercial activities to serve the passengers of the Metro.
The marketing department was activated in 2014 and its mission is to exploit all the places and sites that are suitable for commercial activities (advertisements and shops) with the available spaces in metro stations. Since then, the Marketing Department has succeeded in increasing the income through commercial outlets with small areas (1 m2 - 1.5 m2 - 2 m2).

How to contract:
The right to use a site (empty plot of land) or a shop in the three metro stations is contracted through public auctions
A number of sites and shops will be auctioned publicly which will be published in the (Official newspaper or through the company's website) and the brochure of the conditions and specifications for the bidding is purchased from the Department of Procurement and Warehouses in building Hammamat El-Qobba

Contracts for short periods until the bidding announcement
It is available for the companies in case of desiring to test their activity at the metro stations for periods ranging (1 day - 6 months)
The required documents for this contract are as follows:
- Request a contract specified with the stations - space - duration - and activity required.
- A copy of the national ID card.
- Copy of the commercial register and valid tax card
Existing companies in the stations:
Activity of Food & hot and cold drinks
- Monginis
- Cadbury Dairy Milk
- Indomie
- BiscoMisr
- Alttabieaa Aldamyataa
- Rollin Company

Activity of mobile services , internet and mobile accessories
- We
- Etisalat misr
- Orange

Activity of ATM and financial services
- National bank of Egypt
- Aman company for Financial Services

Activity of women accessories and gifts
- Infinity Company
- I Print Company

Activity of hot and cold drinks
- Osmanly Company
- Roukan Company
- Sokar Bara Company

For inquiries, you can contact the Marketing Department through:
Contact Numbers: -01283366084 - 01284587772
Office: Cairo fair station in line 3