Advertising Activity

Marketing for shops and commercial spaces
Advertising Activity
Advertising activity in metro stations is one of the revenue resources of the Egyptian Company for Metro Management & Operation. so the metro company makes a public auction to license the use of all advertising space in the metro stations with exclusive system of the three lines Including train bodies ( from outside and inside) and inter-station distances. Through this auction, the contract No. 5/2014 has been signed between the Metro Company and MOT Company to license the use of all advertising spaces ...... for five years and expires on 17/2/2020. The Department of Privileges and Advertising Activity supervises and follows up the work of the contract of advertising activities in the stations and collect the amount of contract payments in the times specified by MOT.
How to contract advertising space
Advertising spaces in stations or advertisements on the trains from outside and advertising spaces inside trains will be contracted through the company that owns the exclusive advertising privilege of metro stations
For inquiries, you can contact the Marketing Department through:
Contact Numbers: -01283366084 - 01284587772
Office: Cairo fair station in line 3