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Chairman word
Ladies & gentlemen visiting the website of the Egyptian Company for metro management & operation, Let me at first to express my greetings to you in my name and on behalf of all employees of the company.

- I'd like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation and gratitude to all the Heads of the metro and ex-heads for their efforts to continue the process of work at the company
- I express my sincere thanks and respect and appreciation to the members of the board for bearing the responsibility and their continued support to company and their efforts to improve this important and vital edifice.
- Our priority is providing distinguished service to the great Egyptian people, especially users of the metro which considered the main artery in the Greater Cairo
- Cairo metro is the cheapest, the fastest and the cleanest mean and most secure. The Metro user is considered a member within the family of the company that has insurance coverage.
- I also express my sincere thanks and appreciation and respect for all employees of the company for their effort to continue providing excellent service to the citizens as the subway is the only facility that continued working during the previous periods unlike all means of transport and all state organs.
- It was praised in the American New York Times in number (55 761) issued on May 4, 2012 that the subway is the only regular and runs smoothly and efficiently in Egypt and is considered the miracle of the capital, and it represents all that is missing outside. Metro trains are still worthy relying upon though no changes happened to them.
- It reflects our corporate strategy which aims to continue working and provide quality service to the users of the subway and through the vision and clear objectives for success our nation, and take the necessary steps for achieving the best results in the light of the possibilities to support and develop our employees, who are the most important element of this system
- I'd like also express my sincere thanks and appreciation and respect for the authority of the Egyptian national Railway (the company owner) and as well as the National Authority for Tunnels (owner of the company assets) for supporting the company.
- The company always seeks to provide the best service through opening new lines.
- We also call on the users of the metro to preserve this important and vital facility which is the property of the citizens.
- We and all the employees of the company keep on our promise with the great people of Egypt to do more to support and develop the Cairo subway which befit the importance of this vital facility for our beloved Egypt, under the wise leadership of His Excellency President Mohamed Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Chairman of the board
Eng / Ali Mohamed Zakaria Fadaly
Word by Mr. Eng / Managing Director of Operation & Maintenance
Word by Mr. Eng / Managing Director of Operation & Maintenance
- In the light of Egyptian government orientations, particularly after the January 2011 and June 2013 revolutions and in the framework of the Transport Ministry's plan to develop and modernize the institutions and its affiliates, the Egyptian Company for metro operation & maintenance was restructured. I was honored to join the work in this imposing edifice as the Managing director for the operation & maintenance of the metro since May 2015.I hope to complete the process of development with elite of the best engineers, administrators and workers.
- Without a doubt the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, but the development of our present and achieving future objectives which we can do by improving and upgrading the service provided to the passenger and the development of maintenance and operation plans and keeping pace with modern technological developments. As a team we work hard to achieve the strategic goals of the company with the available possibilities, which boost our responsibility.
- Providing the best service for passengers and saving comfort to them with achieving global rates for operation & maintenance according to international standards and competing with international companies, particularly with aging the first line and its system, reducing congestion of passengers on the first line as the number of Metro users in 2016 is about 860 million passenger and all of that we will do through: -
▪ rehabilitate the Network and various operating system to reduce the headway time, congestion and waiting periods
▪ Future procedures to cope with the expected increase in the number of passengers
▪ Following various maintenance programs and developing them.
▪ Using all new systems that help in providing the service with quality (air-conditioned trains, elevators and escalators, development of terminals ...) by specialized international companies
- In the framework of the continuous improvement of service, the company followed a hotline system and services whatsapp to receive complaints and malfunctions throughout the day, as the company seeks to develop human resources by internal and external training as a main target to keep up with modern technologies besides modern administrative system which develop worker to provide quality service. So we look forward to achieving the strategic goals of the company and putting in mind the right of citizens to receive better services
- We still do our best to improve our performance and find the best and search for a new opportunity to increase revenue in an unconventional way to keep up with the increased cost of services without increasing the burden on the citizen
- We created this website as a way to share with metro users our services, the difficulties and challenges that we face and how to overcome them to provide the best service with high quality
- Finally, the entire team work of the company, who work in silence and in the most difficult times, does his best to provide the services to metro users, in order to continue in providing quality services and preserving the great edifice.

Managing Director of Operation & Maintenance
Eng. Khalid Sabra