5 procedures are taken by” metro “during the fog and the bad weather

Monday, December 23, 2019 - 12:51 PM The metro spokesperson Ahmed Abdel-Hadi revealed that during the bad weather accompanied by mist and fog and rainfall and torrents 5 procedures are taken by metro: 1. Providing maintenance and emergency teams regularly to deal with any faults, do their best to remove and fix them immediately 2. Repairing and maintenance flood drainages, sewers and electric cables to prevent happening electric short circuits that may stop train movement 3. Reducing the speed of trains from 80 km / h to 60 m / h during heavy rains and torrents, which are not felt by the passenger, in order to maintain the safety of trains and passengers together 4. Announcing emergency and removing rain water by service workers 5. Cleaning the trains periodically and daily