The most important tips of “Metro” for passengers to achieve their safety, discipline and avoid fines.

Metro company provided several tips for the passengers to facilitate their movement, achieve their safety, discipline into trains and stations and avoid being subjected to fine, as follows: - Use the ticket or smart card to cross the gates - Inform the officials when you have a problem during crossing the gates - Stand behind the yellow line at the platform during waiting the train - Allow others to get off the train firstly then get on - Stay away from the doors after getting on the train - Follow up the signs and be interested in listening to notifications and alerts of public address - Respect and help elderly people, women, children and special needs ( allow them to pass firstly the ticket gates, escalators, elevators, get on the train and give them priority in sitting) - Maintain the stations and trains clean, throw garbage in the wastebaskets - Inform the officials of the station if you suspect anything into stations or trains - Inform the officials of the station about any observations whether in the station or the train - Use emergency &safety equipment : fire extinguishers or brake button into trains in emergency only to avoid exposure to legal issues - Hold the handrail of escalators and stand correctly according to the direction of escalator - Fine is estimated to 50 pounds and be different according the type of violation - If you commit a violation, leading to damage to metro facility or safety of passengers, the violation will be transferred to the public prosecution