Penalty of making “TIK TOK” videos in the Metro

In the last days, in the metro was witnessed a state of mania in making videos between the young people under the name “TIK TOK video” whether in the stations or in the trains or on the tracks. This state makes the passengers angry because of their privacy violation and the young people especially “the teenagers” take pictures deliberately and making videos during performance acrobatic motions among the passengers which causing wrangle and hitting them inside the is very dangerous for those who intend to take photos on the metro tracks, behind the doors and next to the trains during its movement in full speed. The metro spokesperson Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hady revealed that these cases are forbidden in the metro whether video by camera or phone without permission, indicating that this behavior makes the passengers angry and it will be dangerous sometimes. He confirmed that there were incidents regarding to video “TIK TOK” in the metro in the last period especially the events causing wrangles between the passengers and the video owner. The camera or the phone was confiscated and the metro police recorded that against who not comply with these instructions. The penalty is about 6 months in the jail and fine defined by the prosecution.