The Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation: Launching the website of the company in its new form after its development and launching the mobile application service

Within the framework of the state plan for digital transformation in governmental institutions and affiliated companies and easy communication with the citizens and under instructions and directives the minister of transport general lieutenant eng. Kamel Elwazir, the Egyptian Company for Metro Management & Operation has announced the development of the company website which will be launched on Google at the beginning of the new year 1/1/2020 in Arabic & English to keep path with the state in using modern technology in addition to the new service of mobile app called (ECM in Arabic, ECM in English) which will be launched at the beginning of the new year 1/1/2020 for android and for IOS will be available in 15/1/2020. This app will be more interactive and reachable for the public as it contains many services beside the website: - Service of communicating with the public through social media such as( facebook-whats app ) - Adding media channel for metro on YouTube - Important information to the passengers ( insurance coverage for passengers by metro company in cooperation with insurance group) - (My trip) service contains trip plan connecting with Google maps with trip description on the 3 lines (the beginning station and the arrival station- showing names of the station during the trip - trip duration) - Adding metro map for the three lines to help the passenger know the trip path - Connecting with Google maps to know the closest station through mobile app - Important stations where are the most important landmarks close to metro stations to get destination easily - Showing violations and fines with their values so that the passengers avoid them - Service of special needs and showing the provided services such as ( wheelchairs – elevators- ticket outlets- special seats in the new trains- light and audio alarms) - Service of subscriptions: subscriptions offices- how to get smart card- prices of tickets and subscription – cash wallet of smart card) preparing to online payment service - Service of calculating the number of zones which are available on subscription - Service of unified government complaints which contains suggestions, complaints and inquiries directed to metro company - Service “we care” which contains safety instructions for the passengers - Showing projects of metro development to inform the public with the measures taken by the metro company for improving services such as (new trains’ project- new escalators and elevators- station development….etc.) - Service of tenders and its auctions in details with the ability of downloading tender files to review before purchasing adjudication documents. - Service of marketing shops and commercial spaces which contains ways of contract, activities of existing companies in metro stations and means of contacting with marketing department to know the provided services - Service of privileges and ad activity which contains ways of contracting the ad spaces That’s all confirm keenness ministry of transport representing in Cairo metro to contact easily with the passengers of this significant and vital facility through the website &the mobile app and show the workers efforts into the company to maintain performance and provide the best service as well as company leaders are keen on opinions and suggestions of the public about the provided services which the company always seek to improve.